2023 Yamaha 25HP High Thrust – 20″ Shaft

2023 Yamaha 25HP High Thrust – 20″ Shaft.

Availability: In Stock
Year: 2023
Make: Yamaha
Model: High Thrust 25HP – 20″ Shaft


2023 Yamaha 25HP High Thrust – 20″ Shaft.


Engine Type2 Cylinders
Bore x Stroke2.554 x 2.558 in. (65 x 65.1 mm)
Displacement432 cc
StartingElectric and Manual


Shaft Length20 in.
Weight141 lb. (64 kg)


Propshaft Horsepower25 HP at 5500 RPM
Full Throttle Operating Range5000 ~ 6000 RPM
Gear Ratio / Shift2.08:1 / Forward, Neutral, Reverse
Fuel InductionElectronic Fuel Injection
Alternator16 Amp
WarrantyLimited 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat – 1 Year Limited Commercial


Our 432-cc 25-hp High Thrust outboard delivers the power and grip with exceptional efficiency. This newly redesigned outboard has the best power-to-weight ratio of all high-thrust 25 horsepower outboards. With the new design comes a no-battery-required Electronic Fuel Injection as well as electric and manual start on all models. The new 25hp High Thrust model comes in both 20 and 25 inch shaft lengths for a wider range of applications. Also included, Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®) which allows slower trolling than standard in-gear idle for better fishing.

  • More Thrust: The Higher Gear Ratio on Yamaha’s High Thrust outboards make these powerhouses ideal for heavy pontoons and other applications that require an extra measure of muscle.
  • Max Muscle: Increase thrust up to 60 percent in forward and 70 percent in reverse with a large-diameter, low-pitch Dual Thrust™ propeller. They’re optional on our High Thrust T50 and T60, and standard on our T25 and T9.9, and are perfect for sailboats and pontoons. They can also be used on Yamaha Midrange outboards with 4.25″ K gearcases.
  • Optimum Performance: Microcomputer Ignition adjusts timing to maintain optimum engine performance, economy and power under all conditions.
  • Single Overhead Camshaft: A Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) design creates a compact, lightweight, space-saving design.
  • Fuel Economy: Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection on the T60 and T50 delivers the exact amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and efficiency. Yamaha’s EFI optimizes fuel atomization, further enhancing fuel economy.
  • Solid and Dependable: Incoming air is routed through an Air Intake Labyrinth System that traps and drains water before it enters the engine’s intake for maximum reliability.
  • Corrosion Protection: Combined with our proprietary alloy (YDC-30), our exclusive Phaze Five™ anti-corrosive paint system provides a tough, five-layer barrier against corrosion. This protection is standard on all Yamaha High Thrust four-stroke engines.
  • Wet Sump: The T50, T60, T25 and T9.9 all feature a pressurized oil delivery system that incorporates a compact and durable oil pump to keep all of the moving parts of their SOHC systems lubricated and running smoothly for maximum reliability.
  • Consistent Performance: Thermostatic Cooling Control helps provide proper engine temperature at all times for consistent performance and long, trouble-free engine life.
  • Gauge Compatibility: Optional Command Link® gauges provide real-time outboard performance, boat systems and environmental data at your fingertips. Streamlines displays available in square or round style for single- or multi-engine applications.
  • Ergonomic Control: Yamaha’s award-winning, Multi-Function Tiller Handle (optional on T60/T50) features an ergonomic design for easy shifting , better grip and less rotation from idle to wide-open throttle. This reduces operator fatigue for a full day of enjoyable boating. Truly multi-function, it control features include throttle, throttle friction control, shift lever, key switch, stop switch and a Power Trim & Tilt switch.
  • Easy Engine Flushing: A Freshwater Flush Device allows you to flush the engine without running it, for added convenience and extended engine life.
  • Compatible with mechanical controls
  • 141/154 pounds
  • Available in 20” and 25″ shaft length
  • Solid 16-amp alternator
  • Engine Type: 2 cyl
  • Displacement: 432cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 65 x 65.1mm (2.554 x 2.558 in.)
  • Prop Shaft Horsepower: 25hp @ 5500rpm
  • Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000 ~ 6000 rpm
  • Alternator Output at W.O.T.: 16 Amp
  • Compression Ratio: 9.3:1
  • Fuel Induction System: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Weight †: 64kg (141 lbs)
  • Recommended Fuel: Octane 87
  • Recommended Engine Oil: Yamalube® 4M (See owner’s manual)
  • Recommended Fuel Filtration: Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)
  • C.A.R.B. Rating: 2-Star
  • Exhaust: Through Propeller
  • Intake: 4
  • Ignition: CDI Microcomputer
  • Spark Plug: DPR6EB-9
  • Alternator Output: 16
  • Starting System: Electric and Manual
  • Lubrication: Wet Sump
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.1L/1.0L
  • Recommended Cooling: Thermostatic Control
  • Ethanol Blend Limit: 10% Maximum
  • Gear Ratio: 2.08:1
  • Gear Shift: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Shaft Length: 20″
  • Degree of Tilt: 63°
  • Degree of Trim: -3° through +16°
  • Dry Weight: 64kg (141 lbs)
  • Steering Angle (maximum): 45° from center, either direction
  • Warranty: Limited 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat – 1 Year Limited Commercial.

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