Grady White Express 330 For Sale



Named one of the 25 all-time greatest offshore saltwater fishing boats, Grady’s Express 330 delivers on comfortable seating, an abundance of features, a luxurious cabin, and exceptional overall performance. This 33-foot fishing express cabin boat is also great for cruising with family and friends or enjoying a weekend away. Amenities such as a stainless steel refrigerator and a galley with sink and stove add to the comforts this cabin boat offers as standard. Optional features like Helm Master EX® with Full Maneuverability, outrigger kits, and air conditioning put this boat in a league of its own for customer satisfaction. And of course, like all other Gradys, this amazing boat comes standard with the top-performing, Grady-White exclusive SeaV²® hull.


Express 330 Main Specifications

Beam Amidships
11’7″ (3.53 m)

Center Line Length w/o Engines
33’6″ (10.21 m)

Bridge Clearance
9’10” (3.00 m)

Cockpit Depth
29″ (0.74 m)

Hull Draft
25″ (0.64 m)
Transom Deadrise

Maximum HP
900 (671 kW)

Fuel Capacity – Standard
331 gal. (1253 l)

Weight w/o Engines
10,840 lb. (4917 kg)


Express 330 Grady White 33 Foot Express Cabin Overhead Drawing

Express 330 Performance Data

XTO Offshore® 450

Top Speed: 53.1 MPH @ 6100 RPM

Optimum Cruise: 30.6 MPH @ 3800 RPM

GPH at Optimum Cruise: 26.3

MPG at Optimum Cruise: 1.16

Gray engine color



White engine color



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