Grady White Canyon 376 For Sale


The 37-foot center console Canyon 376 is the most exceptional saltwater fishing boat in its category. With a wide beam, roomy console interior, and the amenities and creature comforts you would expect in a cabin style, family-oriented boat, the 376 is easy to overnight and a real standout for fishing and family enjoyment. Top it off with phenomenal function, fit, and finish all on Gradys incomparable exclusive SeaV²® hull, and you’ve got a boat that is second to none.

Grady White Canyon 376 For Sale Grady White Canyon 376 For Sale Grady White Canyon 376 For Sale

Canyon 376 Main Specifications

Beam Amidships
13’2″ (4.01 m)

Center Line Length w/o Engines
36’7″ (11.15 m)

Bridge Clearance
8’6″ (2.59 m)

Cockpit Depth
28″ (0.71 m)

Hull Draft
29″ (0.74 m)
Transom Deadrise

Maximum HP
1350 (1007 kW)

Fuel Capacity – Standard
400 gal. (1514 l)

Weight w/o Engines
13,533 lb. (6138 kg)


Canyon 376 Performance Data

Three gray Yamaha 425 XTO engines
425 Yamaha Four-Stroke

Top Speed: 60.1 MPH @ 5900 RPM

Optimum Cruise: 31.2 MPH @ 3400 RPM

GPH at Optimum Cruise: 32.0

MPG at Optimum Cruise: 0.98

Gray engine color



White engine color



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