The Sky’s the Limit


The Viking Design and Engineering Department has perfected the proportions of our sky bridge yachts, skillfully and artfully fusing the hull, deckhouse, enclosed bridge and sky bridge to come away with drop-dead-gorgeous boats.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” says Viking Vice President of Sales Mark Waldron. “The sky bridge provides the visibility benefits of an Open model’s elevated control station with the weather protection and comfort of a Viking enclosed bridge.”

The demand for the 80 Sky Bridge in the past few years has skyrocketed. The sky bridge shares many of the design characteristics and features of a convertible’s flybridge, such as a sleek low-profile console with optional raised teak helm pod, flanking radio boxes with split lids, a large recessed and protected area for multi-function displays, engine and steering controls and electronics controllers. Like the 80 Open, the sky bridge’s hard top is home to an available power-actuated drop-down electronics box as well as a teaser reel box.

The sky bridge not only heightens fishability with its 360-degree sightlines, it increases this model’s appeal as a cruising yacht. Ample seating and convenience features make this perch a popular spot for guests to relax and soak up spectacular views. The area is also appointed with a forward insulated cooler and freshwater sink, storage under the lounges and inside the console and an additional starboard-side storage box integrated into the console.



Power Options


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