Yamaha Y.E.S. Extended Warranty | 2 – 15 HP


    Yamaha Y.E.S. Extended Warranty | 2 – 15 HP

    • Length of Term: 3 Years
    • Horsepower Type: 2 – 15 HP
    • Deductible: Zero
    • Trip Protection: Up to $250 per Occurrence
    • ** Please Note: While registrations are processed ASAP,
      Yamaha Registration Cards ship from Yamaha in about 2 weeks.


    Yamaha Y.E.S. Extended Warranty | 2 – 15 HP

    Yamaha Y.E.S warranty extensions provide peace of mind to boat owners around the country. The warranty coverage protects you from expensive repair bills, provides protection around the country through a 2,000+ dealer network, increases the value of the engine, and even provides travel and recreational protection.

    These warranties are transferable and there is no deductible. The coverage is uninterrupted, taking over as soon as the regular warranty expires. For the 2-15 HP engines, it is less than $6 a month for the 3 year extension, making this more affordable than a pizza pie.


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