2022 Yamaha F75XB for sale – 25. in Shaft

2022 Yamaha F75XB for sale – 25. in Shaft

Brand: Yamaha
Model: F75XB
Length: 25. in Shaft
Year: 2022
Category: Boat Engines and Outboards


2022 Yamaha F75XB for sale – 25. in Shaft

Price includes:

  • Yamaha STS Alloy Prop
  • Yamaha 703 Side Control Box and Yamaha looms/wiring
  • 2x Yamaha multi function digital gauges(Tacho and Speedo, Fuel level, Battery level, Trim, Hours, Warnings, etc)
  • Battery, Steering, Fuel filter, Fuel tank.

The new F75 fills an important place within the Australian line up, delivering the perfect power option for the huge number of Aussie built boats rated to a maximum of 75 horsepower. Not only does this engine sit in a popular part of the market, it also delivers many new advantages that make F75 quite exceptional.

The F75 is equipped with a four-cylinder 16-valve in-line SOHC 1.8L engine, bigger displacement than the previous generation 1.5L engine it replaces. Most impressively the bigger F75 weighs in close to 10kgs lighter than the old engine. This remarkable achievement means improved performance, and better balance when fitted on hulls in this category.

The F75 is based on the F115B’s four-cylinder power unit. The F75’s reduction in weight and improved compactness is achieved by adopting a single overhead camshaft design (SOHC), actuating four valves per cylinder. This unique valve train design was first seen in Yamaha’s award-winning F70A, one of the most popular engines in Australia. This design allows the F75 to achieve the weight savings of a single camshaft while still achieving the smooth and efficient performance only seen in 16 valve, four-cylinder engine of this size.

This lightweight powerhead configuration, refined shaping of the combustion chamber and lean fuel burn technology utilised at mid-range speeds, allows the F75 to deliver exceptional fuel efficiency.

The new F75 delivers a 10% improvement in fuel economy compared with the previous generation engine. The F75 is not only extremely fuel efficient it’s also exceptionally smooth and quiet. Noise has been reduced through improved engine unit rigidity, muffler redesign as well as addition of an intake silencer.
The F75 is compatible with Yamaha’s comprehensive range of command link digital gauges, with options of both basic back-lit LCD and premium full colour displays. The engine is also NMEA2000 compatible allowing the F75 to share information with third party multi-function displays, GPS and fish finders.

The amount of engine development and innovation that can be found in Yamaha’s mid-range outboards is truly unique, and the new F75 strengthens Yamaha’s product offering across this range. Yamaha has not resorted to a “one size fits all” style engine platform to minimize production costs. Not only does Yamaha have a class leading outboard motor in each horsepower category, Yamaha also produces the most diverse range of engine platforms within these horsepower categories. This reflects Yamaha’s focus on delivering customer driven innovation to the marine marketplace. Each engine platform has been tailor-made to satisfy the individual requirements of customers and their boats. Within Yamaha’s range, there is no need for Australian skippers to compromise when it comes to selecting a power option.

The all-new F75 neatly shares the same installation mounting holes as other outboards of similar sizes, making for an easy switch from a two-stroke, or other brands to the latest generation Yamaha four-stroke engine.

General Features and highlights:

  • Compact size and very lightweight – 162kg(long shaft & 166kg(extra-long shaft)
  • Massive 1832cc displacement for just a 75hp
  • Highly efficiant 16 valve Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) system
  • ECU controlled with knock sensor which gives efficient performance
  • High Output Alternator – a massive 35amp, generating 28amp at 1000rpm
  • Variable Trolling Speed (set speeds between 550rmp to 1000rpm)
  • Compatible with Command Link Digital gauges, including full colour option
  • 5mm Offset Crankshaft for improved efficiency and performance
  • 60mm Throttle and Intake Silencer, improves performance and reduces noise
  • Labyrinth Exhaust System, muffles exhaust noise and improves efficiency.
Engine Type4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 16-valves, SOHC
Bore x Stroke81.0 x 88.9mm
Recommended Max RPM6100RPM
Lubrication SystemWet-sump
Fuel ManagementEFI
IgnitionTCI Microcomputer
Starter SystemElectric
Alternator Output35 Amp
Trim & Tilt MethodPower trim & tilt
Digital GaugesStandard
Digital Network Gauges with Fuel ManagementOptional
Gear Ratio2.15 : 1
Engine Oil Capacity3.2L / 3.0L with/without oil filter exchange
Fuel TypeRegular Unleaded
ScavengingSingle Over Head Camshaft
Previous model/codeNew model!

Available in:

  • F75LB – Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Long
  • F75XB – Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Extra-Long
  • Tiller – 6X4 Multi-Function Tiller Handle(contact for details)
Transom Length
  • F75LB: 516 mm (20.3 in)
  • F75XB: 643 mm (25.3 in)
  • F75LB: 162 kg
  • F75XB: 166 kg

CDI-E: CDI-Electronic Automatic

CDI-M: CDI-Microcomputer
TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition.

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