Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL For Sale – 30″ in Shaft


Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL For Sale – 30″ in Shaft

Model: Cruise 3.0 TL
Horsepower: 6hp
Type: Electric
Throttle / Shift: Tiller
Starter: Electric
Shaft: Torqeedo 30″ Long
Weight: 45lbs
Battery Type: Lithium
Year: 2022
Shipping: Ready to Ship

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Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL For Sale – 30″ in Shaft

The new models of the Cruise 3.0 have been improved to meet the demanding challenges of everyday commercial use; making them ready to take on the harshest environmental conditions, for example with dinghies and sailboats up to 3 tons.

This makes the Cruise even more rugged in the event that it runs aground and even better protected against corrosion when used extensively in salt water.

The Cruise 3.0 is comparable to a 6 HP petrol outboard and can be easily mounted on your boat with a couple of tools, regardless of whether the remote or tiller version.

A power supply from at least one lithium battery (Power 24-3500) or with lead batteries (lead-gel or AGM) must be provided for operation.

Please Note: Cruise 3.0 Tiller motors do not include batteries or chargers. We have the battery and charger options listed above. Lead acid batteries can be used with these motors, but please note, battery capacity information will not display on the motor when using lead acid batteries.

Motor Specifications

  • Motor Type: Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL
  • Horsepower Equivalent: 6hp
  • Battery: Single Power 24-3500 Lithium Battery (sold separately)
  • Steering: Tiller
  • Shaft Length: 30″ Long
  • Starter: Electric
  • Motor Weight: 45lbs
  • Battery Weight: 56lbs
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use

Standard Features

Outboard with toller control, cable set (S: 4.4m L:4.3m, 35mm²) including main switch and propeller B 12 x 10,5 WDR, and emergency magnetic stop key.

Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL For Sale Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL For Sale Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 TL For Sale


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