Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale


Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale

Length: 200” (5.08m)
Width: 59” (1.5m)
Height: 52” (1.33m)
Curb weight: 1250lb (567Kg)
Waterjet: High Performance
Fuel tank: 22 Gallon (83liters)
Engine: Aluminium V8 6.2L Supercharged

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Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale

Strand Craft – V8 Wet Rod By Strand Craft


Monitors all engine functions
Stereo interface
Large 15 inch
User friendly functionality
Easily viewed in sunlight


Storage box in front
Battery switch
Custom two-tone paint
Cooler box under seat
Premium sound system


Carbon Inlays
Custom wrap
Custom trailer
Custom paint
Carbon fiber body
Wood inlays
Teak wood deck
Retractable tender lifting rings
GPS Navigator
Special custom art paint
3D Gold or Silver wrap
Underwater camera
V8 Turbo Diesel engine
Shock absorbing seat

As standard, it comes powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. However, a V8 turbo diesel is also available if you’d like a more torquey feel. Either way, it’ll have plenty of power to haul you and its 567kg (1250lbs) heft around. While it’s all muscle when it comes to the powertrain, everything on the surface is geared toward luxury.

For instance, there’s a teak wood deck like you’d get on a yacht. It also has a 15-inch touchscreen and a premium sound system. Of course, it also has GPS navigation available as well, along with an underwater camera.

Underneath the seat – which is covered in quilted leather – there’s even a cooler box to keep cold drinks in. The seat is shock absorbing, too, meaning the waves won’t throw you around as much as they would on another jet ski.

There’s another storage area in the front of the craft as well, which makes it quite practical for a jetski. A range of supercar-like bodywork options are available, including an exposed carbon fiber body. Carbon and wooden inlays are also available if you don’t want to stick with the standard two-tone paint scheme.

Curb weight includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90 percent capacity) and tool kit (if supplied).

Strand Craft CARES: Ride responsibly. Strand Craft believes safety begins with us and continues with you. Always wear a USCGapproved personal flotation device, eyewear, gloves, footwear, and a wet suit or clothing that provides equivalent protection (board shorts with neoprene liner). Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Respect the rights of shoreline residents and other marine recreationists. Boat smart from the start. Take a Boating Safety course; for more information visit Jet Ski watercraft are inboard powerboats and their use is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local boating laws. Read Owner’s Manual and all on-product warnings.

Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT For Sale


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