Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale


Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale

With its impressive, majestic appearance, the Electrojet has above average dimensions in its class. Its full carbon, painted hull elegantly hides the front and rear anchor points for lifting and towing.

It is equipped with a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery, keeping you powered with electricity you can trust. Safety is our key priority.

Charge the Electrojet quickly and conveniently with the inbuilt fast charger that can be used in all marinas and power back up the watercraft in only 1.5 hours.

The 7 inch color display is built to be readable even in the brightest sunlight, containing customizable information

Speed across stunning landscapes with 95hp (71kW) of pure electric power and a cruising range of up to 2 hours.*

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Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale

Narke has unveiled its newest GT95 Electrojet, a fullyelectric jet ski built for personal leisure.

Based on its GT45 predecessor, the new GT95 Electrojet takes on angular design sensibilities reminiscent of Teslas Cybertruck, with enough room to seat three people. Within the paneled body is a 24kWh battery pack powering an electric motor that can push out an impressive 95 horsepower, with top speeds reaching 43 mph. The battery itself can be fast-charged in just 1.5 hours with a range of 31 miles, or alternatively charged via a standard household socket for six hours. Enhancing the user experience is a seven-inch digital display giving you all the information you’ll need, and can even receive incoming calls from your phone.

This New All-Electric Jet Ski Was Designed to Play With Tesla's Cybertruck

Narke ElectroJet – There are a few electric jet-ski concepts on the web, but none of them has made it to production yet. the batteries are still not capable enough.

It is summer 2018 as we write this article and the Narke ElectroJet is supposed to change this in the near future. An Hungarian development team of boat designers and shipbuilders is now showing their prototype. The Narke ElectroJet is currently tested in Hungary and is supposed to be very silent. Not only due to the electric propulsion, but also due its special shape.

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The electric Jetski from Hungary is made out of Cabon Fiber and has a water-cooled engine with 45 kW or 61 horsepower. 45 kW is quite a lot if you compare this to the electric surfboards where the strongest jet-boards have about 16 kW. Compared to petrol powere jet-ski this is however not a lot. Some petrol PWC have 170 kW (230 horsepower) or even more.

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Narke Electrojet

It promises a speed of 55 km/h or 34 mph and a operating time of 1.5 hours at normal use, which probably means not at full speed. But who would ride with 55 km/h for 1.5 hours anyways. Well, the petrol powered personal watercraft smake 120 km/h or more. On the other hand they are noisy and they stink 😉

The battery is charging to 80% in just 2 hours and is replaceable in a few minutes. We are wondering what a second battery would cost.

Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale Narke GT95 Electrojet For Sale


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