2022 Tohatsu MFS9.8 For Sale – 25″ in Shaft

2022 Tohatsu MFS9.8 For Sale – 25″ in Shaft

Availability: In Stock
Year: 2022
Make: Tohatsu
Model: MFS9.8 25″


2022 Tohatsu MFS9.8 For Sale – 25″ in Shaft

Engine Type2 Cylinders
Bore x Stroke2.17 x 1.73 in. (55 x 44 mm)
Displacement209 cc (12.8 cu.in.)
StartingElectric or Manual
Shaft Length 25 in.
Weight81.5 lb. (37 kg)
Propshaft Horsepower9.8 hp (7.2 kW)
Full Throttle Operating Range5,000 – 6,000 rpm
Gear Ratio / Shift2.08:1 / F-N-R
AlternatorOptional: 12V, 80W, 6A (Standard on Electric Start Models)
SteeringTiller Handle


Unmatched in its class, the Tohatsu 9.8 hp 4-stroke has set the standard in portable outboard power! This lightweight motor weighs in at barely over the 80 lb mark and has undeniable characteristics of a true marine champion.

Our 9.8hp outboard is skinny on fuel and big on power while never compromising performance or reliability. It has a ton of features that are usually only found on larger, more expensive outboards. We pack a lot of punch for the buck in this truly unique outboard! In the 10 hp/9.9 hp category, Tohatsu has once again proven itself the leader of the pack with this 9.8 hp 4-stroke.

Back by popular demand MFS9.8BEFUL SailPro model is now available.

Click for details → MFS9.8BEFUL Sail Pro

  • Light and compact!
  • Designed with proven technology
  • Reduced vibration for smooth and stable running at all speeds
  • Greatly reduced induction noise for a quieter ride
  • Trim tab reduces steering effort, functioning also as the sacrificial anode that protects the engine from electrolysis
  • Ultra Low emission, EPA and CARB 3-Star rating approved
  • 5 Year limited warranty
  • Digital CD ignition for easier engine starting, quicker throttle response and smoother trolling
  • Manual choke on tiller models
  • Recoil starter with larger reel making manual starting fast and easy
  • Shallow water drive* (*Certain models)
  • 6 trim positions* (*Certain models)
  • Adjustable steering friction for reducing steering effort* (*Certain models)
  • Through-the-prop exhaust for a quieter ride
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature
  • Stainless steel water pump housing liner for outstanding durability
  • High grade marine aluminum alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion
  • Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion resistance
  • 3.1 Gallon (12 liter) fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Aluminum propeller
  • Low oil pressure indicator
  • Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature standard on all Tohatsu outboards)
  • Start-in-gear protection for safer engine starting
  • Over-rev. limiter
  • Front Shift: The shift lever is located on the front of the motor for easier operation.
  • Air-Intake System: Our air-intake system has a large volume air silencer to ensure engine starting and to suppress air-intake noise during engine operation.
  • Wide Anti-Cavitation Plate with Trim Tab: The wide anti-cavitation plate effectively restrains the propeller from cavitating. The large trim tab helps to achieve effortless steering at high speeds while also providing corrosion protection.
  • Engine (No. of Cylinder): 2
  • Output: 9.8 hp (7.2 kw)
  • Displacement: 209 cc (12.8 cu.in.)
  • Bore x Stroke: 55 x 44 mm (2.17 x 1.73 in)
  • Starting: Electric or Manual
  • Control Type: Tiller Handle
  • Gear Shift: Forward – Neutral – Reverse
  • Gear Ratio: 2.08:1
  • Propeller Selection Range: 6.5″ – 9.5″
  • Transom Height: 25″
  • Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)
  • Oil Type: NMMA Certified FC-W® 4-stroke oil** SAE 10W-30/40 (SF, SG, SH, SJ)
  • Oil Capacity: 27 fl. oz. (800 mL)
  • Fuel Tank: 3.1 US Gal. (12 Lit) Separate Fuel Tank
  • Weight*: 81.5 lbs. (37 kg)
  • Alternator Output: Optional: 12V, 80W, 6A (Standard on Electric Start Models)
  • Max. RPM Range: 5,000 – 6,000
  • Digital CD Ignition System: Standard
  • Start In Gear Protection: Standard
  • Thermostat Controlled Cooling System: Standard
  • Through-The-Prop Exhaust: Standard
  • Oil Pressure Warning: Standard
  • Shallow Water Drive: Standard.

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